Galaxy s8+ read text messages

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  1. Text Messages Preview/Quick Reply/Mark As Read Functions Gone
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The results of our first look at Bixby's voice features were very mixed and pretty rough, but that was on the very first day of the beta period.

Has Samsung made noticeable improvements and advancements? Is the Bixby button now justified?

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Text Messages Preview/Quick Reply/Mark As Read Functions Gone

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The Bottom Line

Apparently it's a known issue internally with "enhanced messaging". I've been getting texts from some people randomly three to four days later or not at all.

Same issue here sadly, but only with iPhone users, not getting their texts reliably. So far, this last night I've been getting people's texts so I'm thinking there is something wrong with the Calling Plus. I was able to disable it completely.

Not just turn the switch off. I've had this issue come and go. But here's the twist; When it happens, I was only able to receive SMS notifications and read the message through my Pebble smartwatch. And when I go to the SMS app to reply or read the rest of the message on the phone if it's a particularly long one , it's not there! Same problem here.

Talked to Verizon and Samsung, they act as if they have no idea what I'm talking about.

Device Tutorials and Device Help | U.S. Cellular

Found a solution that seems to work in another thread. The app is defaulty put into the power save modes selection to turn off. Add it to the ignore list to let it consume as much power as needed. Seems to be working for me.